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Today in this article, we will help you find the taco bell near me and give you information about many more things related to Mexican cuisine or the taco bell.

Food is a thing that unites the world; it unites people across boundaries.

People love the taste and hence fall in love with the food of different nations.

Now one can quickly get any food, whether Indian, American, Chinese, Mexican, etc., anywhere as nowadays many restaurants have been opened that mainly provides the food of a particular country.

The boundaries of different nations’ food have been completely wiped off because of various factors like the internet, globalization, etc.

Different kinds of restaurants are being opened globally, and people are also coming to learn more about the different varieties of food.

With some changes in their menu, these restaurants are adapting themselves according to the food of different nations and getting popular globally.

Locals of different countries are also always curious to try something new and are attracted to these restaurants.

The same goes with the taco bell, which is highly famous globally; firstly, let us see the brief history of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American-based chain of fast-food restaurants in Irvine, California, started in 1962 by founder Glen Bell. 

Well, the restaurant is wholly based on Mexican cuisine. 

It serves the best Mexican food, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, specialty items, and various “value menu” items.

As per the stats for the year 2018, Taco bell has around 7,072 restaurants that serve nearly two billion customers each year.

Out of it, more than 93 percent are owned and operated by independent franchisees and licensees.

PepsiCo bought Taco Bell in 1978 and later turned off its restaurant’s division as Tricon Global Restaurants, which changed its name to Yum! Brands.

 Glen Bell opened a hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive-In in San Bernardino, California, in 1948.

He was curious to see long queues at Mexican restaurants across the street, extremely famous among the locals for their hard-shelled tacos.

Bell was hooked by the idea and wanted to implement the same vision; luckily, the Mexican restaurant owners also allowed him to learn how to make the best mouthwatering tacos. 

Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in 1962 at 7112 Firestone Boulevard in Downey, California.

In 1964, the first Taco Bell franchise was opened in Torrance, California, and in 1967, the 100th restaurant opened at 400 South Brookhurst in Anaheim.

Today the company has its outlets in most countries all over the world and has an annual revenue of $11.784 billion in the year 2019.

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Now, as we know, all the basics and history of our favorite Taco Bell, so let us see some of the best items that we all must try at taco bell.

Best food items to try out in Taco Bell.

  • Soft Tacos

Well, you are in a taco bell, so why not first try out these soft tacos.

You can probably choose whatever you like to put in your pliable flour tortilla.

Whereas a tortilla is a thin, circular unleavened flatbread made initially from maize and nowadays made from wheat flour.

It would be best if you tried it and can even order to adjust it according to your wish.

  • Cheesy Roll Up

Most of us love the roll ups as they are easy to eat and delicious as well.

At tacos, if you want to have it then cheesy roll up would be the best one for you.

They are a simple dish with some melted cheese inside a rolled-up flour tortilla.

But wait, if you have less money and want some extra calories, then this cheesy roll-up would be the one for you as it will only cost you about one dollar.

  • Crunchwrap Supreme

Well, most of us will agree on this point that Crunchwrap Supreme is probably the best item of Tacos Bell.

A warm flour tortilla around the outside gives way to a crunchy inner shell.

After it, you can also ask for whatever you want to put inside it; they will be happy to serve you the best.

 It will easily fit into your hands and your budget as it is not very costly.

The hard fact at taco bell is that most of the items over here are not that high priced that you have to think of before buying. 

You can have a complete meal for between ten to fifteen dollars, which is excellent.

You can find all these items in the taco bell by searching for directions to taco bell near me or the 24-hour taco bell near me. 

So now we hope that this article on the topic of taco bell near me.

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Till then, keep enjoying the food and have a nice day.  

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