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So you must be travelling and now want some rest, so you must be searching for hotels near me.

Then you are in the right place where in this article we will help you find the best hotels near you and also tell you much more information you may require.

We all travel to different places for various reasons like office work, meeting someone, attending an event, or exploring new places.

Travelling gives us a lot of new experiences and helps us learn about different cultures, peoples, traditions and much more.

All these experiences are essential in one’s life, and if a person is not indulged in such activities, they miss a lot.

Travelling is one such thing that has been practised since ancient times as numerous scholars, travellers, and poets all have travelled to distant places. 

Their travel records have played a crucial role in understanding the history of various regions.

So these are the few benefits of travelling, and in ancient times people don’t have so many options and facilities that the modern world travellers have.

Today the best facilities we have is that we don’t need to worry about the hotels as we can find the hotels nearly in every corner of the world although they may vary according to the budget.

Even in this technological era, we don’t have to find the hotels physically; we can quickly locate them with a few clicks and searches on our mobile phones.

The best search we can perform to find the hotels can be hotels near me cheap, hotels near me pet-friendly, hotels near me for lunch, hotels near me with pools, 5-star hotels near me, etc.

So we can search on these terms and find the best hotel on our budgets but before that, let us look at some history of hotels. 

History of hotels. 

Well, the hotels have a long history that can be traced to various civilizations. 

 In Greco-Roman culture and ancient Persia, people built hospitals for recuperation; the rest were built at thermal baths.

Well, as per the Guinness World Records world’s oldest hotel is Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, founded in 705 in Japan and is still operating now.

The modern hotels can be traced back to the inn of medieval Europe, possibly dating back to the rule of Ancient Rome. 

It provided every facility to the travellers, such as food, lodging, stabling, fodder for the traveller’s horses, and fresh horses for mail coaches.

Inns began to cater to more affluent clients in the mid-18th century and grew in magnificence, and the level of service delivered.

Hotels increased throughout Western Europe and North America in the 19th century. 

Slowly the idea began to spread across the globe, and hotels began to be more modernized and with all types of facilities that we see in the modern hotels.

Now hotels are not the things meant only for the high-class people; each person can get this facility according to their budget.

This was the short history of hotels and now let us see the types of hotels all around the globe.

Types of hotels- 

  • Motels

Well, motels became popular after the 1920s and are a blend of the words “motor” and “hotel.”

The motel idea was simple: to give travellers an affordable, accessible place to stop overnight during long trips.

One can find motels mostly along the highways and other major roads, but compared to the other normal hotels, they have minimum amenities.

Most of them will have all the necessities you may require in your long journey, and motels are not multi-storey buildings; most will have one or two-story structures, unlike much larger hotels. 

Well, if you travel long distances, these motels will be the best places to stay and get refreshed. 

  • Chain hotels

It is clear from the name itself that these types of hotels are huge in numbers under one brand.

Chain hotels make up tens of thousands of properties located all over the world. 

These are mostly groups or the chain of hotels being operated under the company or the owner. 

One example of such a chain hotel is- Marriott, which owns famous brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Westin, Gaylord, Courtyard, and SpringHill Suites. 

  • Bed and breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are also quite famous hotels among the travelers who want a good experience along with their destination. 

They are typically privately owned properties not as big as the chain or the big regular hotels we know. 

Bed and breakfasts are known because they can provide a bed and food services, mostly the breakfast. 

They are normally operated by the property owners who live nearby or on the same property and manages everything like preparing the food and all for their customers. 

They are small but becoming quite popular because of their good hospitality. 

These are the few types of hotels we come across daily now; you can easily find them by searching hotels near me for lunch or hotels near me cheap. 

So we hope that our article on the topic of hotels near me must be helpful to you.

Please help us to spread the word about it.

Comment down your experiences of the hotels in which you have stayed in the comment section.

Till then, keep travelling and have a nice day ahead. 

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