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Well, smoking is one such thing that many people around the globe do daily as tobacco products such as cigarettes, light and menthol cigarettes, cigars and pipes, hookahs, bidis, clove cigarettes, etc., are pretty addicting. 

They are pretty addictive because tobacco products are addictive. After all, they contain nicotine, which keeps people using tobacco products, even when they want to stop.

The tobacco industry is also somewhat responsible for promoting addiction as they spend billions on marketing to promote their products in every corner of the world and sometimes to gain the immense trust of its customer and hide the ill effect of the tobacco products. They use famous actors for their product promotion. 

People also are highly influenced by these actors and start consuming it as they are doing. 

Well, it takes time if you decide to leave, and you cannot leave all at once; you just have to reduce it and then finally leave it. 

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But before that, let us look at the history of smoking. 

History of smoking

Smoking has been in practice in one form or another since ancient times. 

In shamanistic rituals, tobacco and hallucinogenic drugs were smoked all over the Americas around 5000 BC.

It originated in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Andes.

In many ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonians, Indians, and Chinese, burnt incense as a part of religious traditions.

With the Europeans coming in the 16th century, tobacco consumption, cultivation, and trading quickly extended. 

The modernization of farming increased the production of tobacco products on a mass scale. 

Cannabis was quite common in Eurasia before tobacco’s arrival and has been used since at least 5000 BC.

Earlier eaten for its medicinal effects, opium smoking became widespread in China and the West during the 19th century. 

While opium dens persisted throughout the world, the trend among the Europeans decreased during the First World War and among the Chinese during the cultural revolution.

Currently, it is estimated that around 19 percent of adult’s worldwide smoke tobacco.

While the number has been slightly decreasing, different governments of every nation are taking measures against it on a wide scale. 

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Now let us head over to some facts about smoking. 

Facts about smoking

  1. According to World Health Organization, there are 1.3 billion smokers today, and it is estimated that if the trend continues, that number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2025.
  2. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people yearly, meaning that everyone smoking-related death every five seconds.
  3. In the United States, more than 480,000 Americans die yearly of smoking, accounting for one of every five deaths.
  4. In addition to cancer, smoking can significantly increase your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
  5. China is said to be the home to 300 million smokers who roughly consume around 1.7 trillion cigarettes annually or roughly three million per minute. One of every three cigarettes smoked globally is in China.

So these are the few shocking facts related to smoking and now let us see some of the frequently asked questions.

 Frequently asked questions

  • What is the oldest cigarette brand?

Lorillard is said to be the oldest tobacco manufacturer in the United States, dating to 1760, when a French immigrant, Pierre Lorillard, opened a factory in New York City.

  • What was the original purpose of smoking?

Native Americans originally used it in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes.

  • When did humans start smoking things?

The practice is said to have begun as early as 5000–3000 BC in Mesoamerica and South America.


Smoking is not a good thing that we must regularly consume as it is a highly addictive and deadly substance, so we must always try to stay away from it. 

If you are already a smoker, try to reduce it and finally leave it. 

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