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Smart & Final near me delivery, the smaller, speedier grocery warehouse supermarket, is one of the country’s longest continually operating food retailers, operating under two smart and final near me weekly ads: Smart & Final and Smart & Final Extra! Smart and Final is headquartered in Los Angeles.

With a history dating back to 1871, runs more than 250 grocery and food service stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada, as well as additional stores in Northern Mexico through a joint venture.

While all Smart & Final stores offer high-quality products at warehouse-store prices, Smart & Final Extra! Stores feature a larger format and offer a variety of club and traditional-sized goods and services for households, businesses, and organizations.

Smart and Final near me Extra! Locations combine a warehouse store with traditional supermarket products such as farm-fresh fruit, fresh meat, dairy, frozen foods, deli, grocery necessities, and natural and organic options, making them ideal for one-stop shopping. 

So, whether you’re shopping for your company or organization, stocking up and preparing meals, hosting a party, or simply preparing a meal for your relatives, Smart & Final Extra! Offers over 3,000 club-sized items alongside your grocery needs at lower prices than grocery stores and without a membership fee.

We are deeply committed to supporting individuals who support others within Smart & Final. And we care about the communities we serve. 

Smart & Final and the Smart & Final Charitable Trust donate more than $1 million and 1,000 volunteer hours each year with the help of our customers and associates, offering support and improving the lives of millions in the regions of health and wellness, appetite relief and emergency management, K-12 education, and youth sports.

Smart and Final supermarkets open early in the day and close late at night. Every working day, the majority of stores open at 6 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. Remember that smart and final near me store hours may differ slightly in some areas.

Smart & Final pioneered the “cash and carry” concept.

Wandering across the aisles at your grocery store, trust it or not, was not the norm before the twentieth century. 

Based on the company’s website, a clerk would instead round up your products for you to collect later. 

Though this earlier concept is becoming more popular because of grocery apps like Instacart and 1520, we must applaud Smart and Final near me for pioneering it. 

It’s mind-boggling that you couldn’t hand-pick the box of cereal you desired before Smart & Final opened. 

Smart & Final takes great satisfaction in its proximity and accessibility to its customers’ companies. 

In 1923, they opened their first cash carry in smart and final near me Long Beach. 

The grocery business allowed its consumers to purchase for themselves by being close to its customers and therefore sparing them the long trek to remote warehouses, inventing the new “cash and carry” idea. Thank you, Smart & Final, for pioneering this modern shopping trend!

Smart & Final gets its moniker from its founders.

Smart & Final is the name of the two founders of the company! We admit that this may be difficult to believe. 

After all, it was the first “cash and carry” store, so the name perfectly reflects its shopping model. 

However, Smart & Final’s initial founders were called J.S. “Jim” Smart and H.D. “Hildane” Last, giving rise to the moniker Smart & Final Wholesale Grocers. 

After being created in 1914, Smart & Final was bought several times. In 1953, it amalgamated with Haas, Baruch & Co. but retained the Smart & Final moniker.

According to the company’s website, it was then acquired by Thriftimart, Inc., which enabled it to expand to 83 outlets. Thriftimart, Inc. did not alter its title to Smart & Final Iris Company until 1984. 

We wish we could say “the rest is history,” but Smart & Final was purchased and sold multiple times after that, until breaking through in 2008 with the launch of Smart & Final Extra! Locations. 

Many stores have opened since then, and we’re looking forward to seeing where Smart & Final will go next (preferably on the East Coast!).

Smart & Final does not require a club membership to shop.

Smart and Final, near me, unlike other major wholesale stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club, does not demand a membership fee to shop there. 

This makes it an excellent choice for families who do not wish to commit to a fixed annual price or if you simply pass through and want to stop for groceries. 

However, because there is no set membership fee, defines its costs as follows: It is no longer as cheap as it was 20 years ago. 

It’s trendy now, and it comes at a price. ” According to CEO Dave Hirz, the lack of a membership fee has benefited the company. Hirz told Progressive Grocer, “We carry more club-sized things than any of the club stores,” making us a one-stop-shop for households, corporations, and organizations.

According to the Shelby Report, Smart & Final has dedicated clients who continue making the business their ultimate destination for all their kitchen and household requirements, even without an annual contractual membership.

Smart & Final is deeply devoted to giving back to the community.

Closest Smart and Final near me engage in many charity endeavors. 

Smart & Final takes great pleasure in making a difference in the areas where its shops are located. 

According to a 2019 report, Smart & Final contributed $1.8 million to education, hunger assistance, team sports & childhood development, health and well-being, and disaster relief. 

Furthermore, it has 1,800 volunteer hours in 2019 alone and routinely sponsors fundraising events like walks and cycling competitions.

The supermarket business established the Smart & Final Charitable Foundation in 2002, intending to give back to communities throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada (via Business Wire). 

According to its website, some of its important community partners are Feeding America and the City of Hope.

Furthermore, Smart & Final encourages any charity that aligns with its pillars of concentration to apply for donations on the company’s donation page.


Smart & Final has provided customers with high-quality merchandise at competitive costs for nearly 140 years. 

Our stores offer high-quality perishables and meats, a varied selection of private-label offers, supplies for food service and commercial customers, and products in various sizes. 

Smart & Final’s one-of-a-kind one-stop shopping experience allows snack mothers, family-owned pizzerias, and office staff to stock up on thousands of club sizes while also picking up their weekly household groceries at lower prices than traditional grocery stores. 

With over 200 Smart & Final and Smart & Final Extra! Stores serving communities in California, Nevada, and Arizona, Smart & Final is a warehouse and market, friend, and neighbor. Pricing is generally identical when purchasing online and in-store.

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