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Our vehicles, electronic gadgets, etc. need servicing from time to time to work correctly and look good.

Even our body and mind need refreshments to be calm and healthy, and every living and non-living thing requires care and repair to function correctly. 

Have you ever wondered if your house needs refreshments to breathe? 

They also need that fresh feeling to breathe and look good to be healthy. Well, houses can feel good when they are repaired, painted, and decorated. 

When it comes to painting and coating, the first name that comes to our mind is Sherwin Williams, the ultimate solution for all these requirements. Sherwin Williams is a company that comes under the paint and coating industry category. 

Sherwin Williams is a company that manufactures, distributes, and sells paint, coating, and all other related products to different businesses. 

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In this article, we have discussed the company, Sherwin Williams, to give you a better idea about this business. 

To know more, stay with us throughout the article.

Let’s know about the Sherwin-Williams business. 

Henry Sherwin started the company in 1866 by using his life savings. 

Later this company was founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in the US in 1873. 

The company is the second largest manufacturer of paints and coatings worldwide and the largest producer in the US. 

Along with paints and coatings, this company also produces vehicle finishes, industrial finishes, house repair products, etc. 

It has a variety of products under its business. The company is well established and constantly introduces new products according to the market trends. 

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Few interesting facts to know about Sherwin Williams 

You can buy products from a store for your whole life; still, you might not know so many exciting things about that business. 

It’s normal for us to not know about a particular business we frequently visit because we are not so curious about them. But knowing a few extra things doesn’t harm anyone; instead, it might become helpful for you in some other way. 

Below mentioned are a few exciting things about the Sherwin Williams company. 

  • Company with different names in different places

This company’s name came from the last name of its founders, Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. However, the company operates in different places but not under the same name. 

It has branches in Europe, South and North America with the names Performance Coating Group, Consumer Brands Group, and Latin American Coatings Group. 

  • It has been an established company for years.

The company was founded in 1866, and it’s more than 100 years since the company has been running. There are very few companies that survive this long and become so successful. 

Sherwin Williams is one of those companies to get that stability and success over the years, and it is still a leading business in the world.

  • The company not only sells paint for houses

There is a misconception that Sherwin Williams only sells paint for houses. But it’s not true. They also sell colours for other requirements, like marine or vehicle industries. 

  • They have many stores. 

Sherwin Williams company has more than 4000 stores that are operated around three continents. It’s not easy to manage these many stores successfully. But Sherwin Williams does that. 

  • They have their brand. 

Sherwin Williams has seventeen varieties of paint brands under them that they don’t wholly own but are associated with. You may not find the name of Sherwin Williams in these brand products, but they own them. 

The company also has its two own brands. The brand’s name is Weatherbeater and Easy Living, and the company owns these two brands. 

However, the exciting part is you won’t find these brands in a Sherwin-Williams store. The reason is still not known by anyone, and they are available in stores other than them, and many people don’t even know they are this company’s brand. 

  • They also sell home goods. 

The company sells not only paints but also home goods items. If you want to buy home decor items for your house, you can visit this store. 

  • Have started their business in Mexico 

The company has opened some branches in Mexico to expand. They introduced many stores in that region. They announced their arrival correctly, and within a few years, they increased their sales in Mexico. The company is still growing there rapidly. 

The points mentioned above are a few things about this company that you might not have known or known. However, this company is still a leading business after all these years. 

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Sherwin Williams is a well-known company established for many years now, and they have been running for over 100 years and are still in operation. 

It is one of the leading businesses in the world with a wide variety of stores in different places. 

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We hope this article helped you to know more about this popular paint and coating company. 

They have good quality items of various brands, search for Sherwin Williams near me and visit the store. 

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