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Clothes are necessary for life, and we can get this item of necessity at the clothing store. 

Clothing stores have been running since long ago, and it’s still going on as people are always in need of clothes.

The fashion industry is growing and expanding. New brands and trends are introduced. 

Most people prefer brands, but the price range for branded products is high, which is not affordable by many. 

For problems like these, few stores provide branded products at an off-price.

Ross Stores Inc. is among those stores which provide varieties of clothes at discounted prices and operates under the brand name Ross Dress for Less.

Its headquarter is in Dublin, California. It is an American chain of stores with off-price prices, and 

Ross is the largest U.S based off-price retailer. 

In 37 U.S states, Ross operates 1483 stores. 

However, it has no stores in New York, northern New Jersey, New England, Alaska, and other areas of the Midwest. 

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History of Ross Stores

The first store was opened in 1950 in San Bruno, California, by Morris Morrie Ross. 

Morris used to do all the work like bookkeeping and buying for the department store.

 Ross sold the store to William Isackson in 1958 to become a commercial and residential real estate developer. 

William Isackson built six stores that were located in Pacifica, San Bruno, Novato, Redwood City, Castro Valley, Vacaville. 

Later in 1982, an investor group including Mervin Morris purchased all the six Ross stores in San Francisco and changed the whole format to off-price retail units. 

Within three years, under Don Rowlett and Stuart Moldaw, they expanded to 107 stores.

Later in July 2019, the Ross stores expanded more and opened in 28 new locations; the chain operates 249 dd’s discounts and has 1523 stores.

How is Ross Stores clothing so cheap?

It is a discount clothing store that provides various clothes of different brands at a low price. 

A question comes to our minds whenever we hear or think about Ross clothing store, and that is: How does this company sell clothes at such cheap rates?

Let’s know the answer: 

Whoever has visited Ross stores might have noticed that they don’t try to make their clothing stores very extravagant and showy; they are always kind of messy and bare. 

This idea of the company to not spend much on the decor of the stores helps the customers get the actual product at a lesser price.

The merchandise which the company houses are often because of the seasonal change or overstock they get from the designer.

When some brands have an excess of their clothes left over, they sell them to the discount chains like the Ross stores at lower prices to focus on the upcoming season. 

Due to these reasons, the Ross stores can sell the clothes at such cheap rates. 

It’s a good deal for the customers, and they can find Ross stores near me or Ross clothing stores near me to get discounted price clothes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ross stores were incorporated in which year and in which state?

Originally Ross stores were incorporated in 1957 in California, and later the company re-incorporated in June 1989 in Delaware.

What is the symbol of Ross stores stock, and where do they trade the shares of common stock?

Ross stores use the symbol ROST, and they trade on Nasdaq Global Select Market (NGS).

When was the first Ross store opened?

Initially, Ross stores used to operate as a family department store chain in San Francisco. 

Later in 1982, the company’s founder Stuart Moldaw and a few other investors purchased the store chain and transformed it into an off-price retail unit.

Are Ross stores available online?

Yes, Ross stores can be found online. You can find Ross stores by searching the terms like Ross department store near me, Ross near my location, dress for less near me, Ross near me, and more.

You all want to look fashionable and relaxed by wearing trendy clothes; you can do that because of the Ross stores and get branded clothes at a low and affordable price. 

By searching Ross near me, you can get the nearest store location and shop for the best clothes for yourself.

Now we hope that every doubt of your related to the Ross store must be clear.

If you have questions or doubts, you can ask them in the comment section.

Till then, take care and have a great day. 

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