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In this article, we help you to the shopping malls near me and much more.

We all always want a change in our life, and hence we always want something new, whether it is food, clothes, places, or a good experience. We can get all of this in a shopping mall which we can easily search with a term mall near me.  

But firstly, what is a shopping mall?

A shopping mall is a North American term for a big indoor shopping center, usually consisting of many department stores.

The original meaning of ” mall ” was a pedestrian promenade with shops.

It means an area reserved for pedestrian-only use and in which most or all automobile traffic is restricted.

In the late 1960s, it started to be used as a generic term for the sizeable enclosed shopping centers that were evolving commonplace.

Now let us see some of the histories of shopping malls.

History of shopping malls-

Firstly, back in ancient times, we find traces of the planned marketplace in the ancient Mesopotamia civilization.

Then by 800 BC in ancient Greece, we have found traces of markets with merchants selling their goods in the Agora in the city center.

After that, the first shopping mall was opened in 1922, an outdoor shopping plaza in Kansas City.

Like the mall that we see today, the first indoor shopping mall was opened in 1956 in Edina, Minnesota.

Then with the innovation in technology, our modern mall or the shopping mall emerged that we see in today’s world.

The modern shopping mall contains restaurants, banks, theatres, game zones, service stations, parking spaces, and other establishments.

They are pretty huge and consist of everything to satisfy your every need.

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Different types of a shopping malls-

Well, there are many types of shopping malls of which, a few of them are as follows-

  • Vertical Malls

 As land prices worldwide keep increasing as the years pass because of this problem, vertical malls emerge.

As with the high prices, it was difficult for existing retailers to think of any horizontal expansion to accommodate the increasing crowd to their retail openings.

To counter this problem, the Mafco Company came out with the idea of the vertical mall in the year 1960.

Since then, the idea got popularized and spread all over the globe. 

Regional Malls

A regional mall is a mall that offers general goods and services in-depth and width.

It usually consists of an inward exposure of the stores connected by a common walkway, and parking surrounds the outer perimeter.

It is also quite popular all around the globe.

Dead Malls

The dead malls are initially operational like any other malls, but for some reason, they have become disliked and have very little or no footfall.

The main reason for the cause of dead malls is that they failed to modernize them and adapt to the changes or the emerging new needs of the people. 

Outlet Malls

An outlet mall is a shopping mall in which a manufacturer sells its products straight to the general people through its retail stores.

They are generally found in rural areas or tourist attractions places.

They are seen in many parts of the world, generally in the countryside.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the largest mall in the world?

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall for shopping, recreation, and relaxation; It is located next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

  • Why are malls dying?

The COVID-19 and the online shopping culture result in the decline of the malls, not totally but upto some extent.  

  • What is a mini-mall called?

The Smaller strip malls are also called mini-malls in the united states alone, with 65,840 strip malls in total, as reported by the New York Times.

  • Which is the smallest mall in the world?

In Malaysia, Cenang Mall can be considered the smallest mall globally. But the mall is well planned and built beautifully.


Well, the mall can help us refresh our minds by helping us to see different types of things all in one place; also, we can get a lot of things for our daily use from there quickly.

So the creation of the malls evolved our civilization and changed the way of shopping a lot.

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