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So when a child goes into the school, their training gets started so as he can become a learned person who can be eligible for the job.

Our whole education system has been developed in such a way to train the people enough so that they can get fit into different sectors and ultimately help in the growth of a nation.

People have also been adapted to this system, and their minds have also been trained in this form only.

If they don’t, a sense of lagging starts appearing in their minds.

So people didn’t want to be apart and follow the step-by-step process or old system established that has evolved through the ages and is still relevant in the 21st century.

The population explosion due to various reasons, such as advancements in medical facilities, has lowered the death rate and infant mortality rate; other factors like technological advancement and illiteracy have created the biggest problem in front of every nation: unemployment.

In simple words, unemployment refers to individuals who are employable and actively seeking a job but cannot find a job. 

This group includes those people in the workforce who are working but do not have an appropriate position.

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There are four types of unemployment they are as follows.

Types of Unemployment

  • Frictional unemployment

It is caused by a temporary change in a worker’s life, such as if a worker shifts into a new city, they may be unemployable and has to find the best suitable job for him.

Freshly graduated college students just entering the workforce come under this category.

It directly affects a nation’s economy and is a common cause of unemployment.

  • Structural unemployment

It is commonly caused due to the mismatch in the demographics of workers and the types of jobs available.

Sometimes, when jobs are highly available, the workforce is not trained enough and lacks the skills required for the job.

Sometimes, the workforce is highly skilled with proper knowledge of the field, but no job is available.

This type of unemployment is majorly found in the industries undergoing technological advancements. 

  • Cyclical unemployment

The decline in demand causes this type of unemployment.

When there is a decline in demand for goods and services in the economy of any country, businesses are unable to operate and provide jobs.

This type of unemployment is usually seen at the time of recession.

During the recession, people reduce their expenditure and start saving, which will ultimately gear up the burden over the shoulders of businesses. They will cut off the jobs or even fire people, increasing unemployment to an alarming level.

  • Seasonal unemployment

As it is pretty clear from the name itself, it is mainly caused due to the changes in the season.

It is mainly seen in the seasonal type of jobs.

For example, a laborer gets unemployed after harvesting a crop or in the winter in the cold regions as the crops cannot be grown, and the worker is left with no job.

So these are the few types of unemployment majority seen in every nation.

Now let us see the few steps to avoid getting unemployed.

Steps to not getting unemployed

  •  Network

Well, as it is said, your network is your net worth; it is the same applicable over here as well.

A person who has a good network can utilize his network to spread word of mouth about his skills, resulting in finding the best suitable job for them.

  • nInvest your time and money in learning and skill development

You should always try to keep on learning new skills to be such a part of the machinery that has no replacement, or if it gets replaced, the entire machinery or the organization may fall.

This can only be done if you keep on investing time and money into new skills and brushing your existing skills.

  • Always try to be farsighted and see the changes coming in the industry.

This is the most common reason people fail and become unworthy of fitting in large machinery or organizations.

Even large empires in the ancient world have this common reason for their downfall.

So learn from the history and always try to see the changes coming in the industry and update yourself accordingly.

Finally, change is inevitable, and every industry will keep on changing, so be ready for it and keep on updating yourself instead of resisting.

So you can follow these steps and protect yourself from the danger of unemployment.

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