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We love to dine in restaurants with various delicious food items on their menus. 

People love to taste different types of dishes. But every restaurant doesn’t have each kind of food dish. 

Some restaurants offer only a specific type of food item, and some offer more than one type of food item. 

But hardly can we find a single restaurant with a wide variety of food items to choose from. 

Here come the buffet restaurants; they offer a wide variety of food items for the people. It includes self-service where people serve the food on their own from the unlimited dishes offered at a reasonable price. 

One of the famous buffet restaurants is The Golden Corral. It is an extensive American buffet, family-style restaurant, and it serves a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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In this article, we have talked about the Golden Corral restaurant. If you want to know about this famous restaurant, stay with us throughout the article. 

It covers some facts about the Golden Corral which you might not have heard. 

Know more about Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

In 1971, James H. Maynard and William F. Carl initiated this dining restaurant’s creativity. 

On January 3, 1973, the first Golden Corral restaurant was opened in Fayetteville, NC.

Within three months, the second restaurant was opened in Raleigh, NC, and later a third was opened in Fayetteville, NC. 

Initially, the Golden Corral was a steakhouse place that served steaks, baked potatoes, entrees, and salad. After the success of the food place, Golden Corral was reinvented and turned into a buffet restaurant. 

Golden Corral operates around 400 companies and franchised restaurants in 42 states. The restaurant was a success from the beginning and is still running effectively. 

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Things to know about the Golden Corral 

Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat restaurant. It has been running its business successfully till now because of many good strategies, tasty food, better service, and proper marketing. 

Even being a regular customer still, there are a few things that you might now know about this restaurant. 

Below we have mentioned some facts about the food place to help you know better.

  • Helping the veterans 

You will not find many companies doing good deeds other than running their businesses. There are only very few businesses that get involved in these matters, and Golden Corral is one among them. 

Golden Corral has been serving veterans for many years now. They have provided free meals to the veterans and active duty militaries and have donated a significant amount to the Disabled American Veterans. 

They started a camp for the children of the military who were ill and injured. The camp is called Camp Corral, and around 18000 children have been sent to Camp Corral by the restaurant. 

  • Best salad bar 

Many people love to devour a salad, and every restaurant serves its own kind of salad for the customers. But, the Golden Corral is different. 

It allows you to create the salad that you have dreamt of. It provides a variety of food items to make the salad. You can choose from a large number of options. Just select and create your own best salad to enjoy! 

  • Chocolate fountain 

Everyone loves to eat desserts after having their food, and Golden Corral offers a variety of dessert options as well. Along with many other desserts, Golden Corral also has its famous chocolate fountain for its customers.

Some locations have the triple fountain dessert of white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel. I love to eat desserts and then run for the Golden corral near me now. 

  • It’s suitable for kids as well. 

Kids are known for whining about food, and some kids are very picky with their choice of food. Finding a restaurant where you can find a variety of items your kid will like is not easy. 

Golden Corral might also be where you can get food for your kid. There are a variety of foods available in the buffet from which your kid can choose anything they like, and your kids might find their favorite dish to eat among so many foods there. 

  • Breakfast buffet 

The Golden Corral serves a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is known that on weekends you can get the best breakfast dishes in this restaurant. 

Bacon’s, omelets, fruits, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and many more are offered different varieties and flavors to the customers. Just go for the golden corral near me breakfast hours

These were some things you might have known or not known about the Golden Corral. The food place is good for getting tasty dishes at affordable prices. Search for a golden corral near me and visit.


There is an increase in the adaptation of buffet restaurants. 

Many famous restaurants have started offering buffet-style foods. 

People prefer this style more than the previous ones. Golden Corral is a very famous buffet restaurant.

 It is still running very successfully. 

We hope from this article you have got to know about the popular Golden Corral buffet restaurant.

If you have not visited this place yet, find a golden corral near me to enjoy the delicious buffet-style food they offer. 

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