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If you are planning to buy your next vehicle or want to buy some excellent quality parts for your vehicle, then the next thing you must be searching for will be AutoZone near me.

So finally, you have arrived at the right place in this vast internet world.

As in today’s article, we will tell you about the nearest Autozone and some extra information you may require about Autozone. 

Well, vehicles have made our life a lot easier as they have cut our travelling time and given us many comforts. 

Nowadays, suppose any person has to travel even far distant places to other countries.

 In that case, they have many options and don’t need to think twice as earlier as the people used to because it requires a lot of preparation. 

Vehicles have also been through many evolutions and innovations from ancient times.

In ancient times we were majorly dependent on animals for transportation. 

As human beings evolved, they brought various innovations to the modes of transportation.

Nowadays, we have some very high-speed modes of transportation that can help us reach any place in this world within 24 hours. 

Similarly, one such great invention was the car developed by Karl Benz, who patented the three-wheeled Motor Car, known as the “Motorwagen,” in 1886.

Then innovations didn’t stop with cars; they kept on evolving, and in the present, we have some of the fastest cars in the world, like the Bugatti Chiron Sport with a top speed of 261 mph.

Now cars have gone way ahead than simply being a means of transportation. 

At present, they are a sign of luxury, comfort and class. 

Today people want to buy a simple car but like to buy some of the best luxury cars because of their speed and class or status symbol. 

Unlike in the past, cars have also become affordable and more people can buy them, seeing their advantages.

But if you buy a car or any vehicle, then it will always require a certain amount of maintenance. 

 For it, you will need some parts or anything to keep your vehicle in a perfect condition, so what can be more than the Autozone to find all these things in the same place. 

You can easily find the nearest Autozone with the search terms like- AutoZone near me, AutoZone near me auto parts, AutoZone near me 24 hours, AutoZone near me directions, etc. 

But firstly, let us know more about AutoZone and its history.

Brief History of AutoZone-

AutoZone, Inc. is the largest American aftermarket automotive parts and accessories retailer in the United States.

Currently, the company has over 6,400 stores across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US Virgin Islands. 

In 1979, as a Malone & Hyde, Inc. division, the first Auto Shack store opened in Forrest City, Arkansas, on July 4, 1979.

In 1981, Auto Shack opened Express Parts Service in Memphis, Tennessee, to help its customers find some hard-to-find parts in one place. 

 The company changed its name from Auto Shack to AutoZone in 1987. The same year, AutoZone introduced the first electronic catalogue in the auto part retail industry. It allowed its customers to look up parts and warranties and check inventory nearby AutoZone stores. 

In 1988, AutoZone launched its first international store in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and the following year, AutoZone got on the Fortune 500 list.

In 2018, AutoZone announced the revolutionary next-day delivery program for the customers who place orders by 10 p.m. 

Today Autozone is a significant player in its field, and according to the static of 2021, AutoZone’s annual revenue was $14.63B. 

Well, this was the short brief history of Autozone, which you can very easily find by searching AutoZone near me.

Now let us address some of the frequently asked questions that may be coming up in your mind.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Who is AutoZone’s competitor?

AutoZone’s competitors include many other big brands such as Transamerican Auto Parts, LKQ Corporation, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys and Delphi Technologies.

  • How many employees does AutoZone have in 2021?

It is estimated that in the fiscal year of 2021, AutoZone employed some 105,000 people.

  • Is AutoZone a good brand?

AutoZone’s brand has got the rank of #408 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by the customers of AutoZone.

  • Does AutoZone charge batteries for free?

If your car battery is having a problem, and you take it to the nearest AutoZone store, then the associates can test or charge your battery for free.

  • How long should a car battery last?

Well, it depends on the maintainer or how well you keep it, but on average, a car battery can last from three to five years.


AutoZone is a one-stop destination to find all of your vehicle parts under one roof with the assurance of the best quality and assistance.

Now we hope that our article on the topic of AutoZone near me must be helpful for you and provide you with some value. 

Please help us to spread the word about it. 

Comment down your experience if you have ever visited the AutoZone store. 

Till then, keep travelling and have a nice day ahead. 

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