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Grocery shopping is a daily or weekly chore. 

We have to run for groceries during shortages which happen most of the time. We shop for a week but fall short of items in three days! 

Shopping for a month costs a lot of money because the price of grocery items is rising day by day. The brands are increasing the prices of daily necessity products.

Visiting a store means spending a lot of money and still being unable to preserve the groceries for a month or a week.  

Here comes the part where a miracle happens for the poor people suffering from grocery expense havoc. 

The name of the miracle is the ALDI STORE. 

I guess you might have heard the name of this store, and it’s getting so popular and overshadowing the other famous supermarkets. 

This article discusses the Aldi stores to give you an idea about this rising supermarket chain. 

You can search for Aldi near me to visit the store. So, let’s get started with the article without holding you back any further.  

Know about Aldi 

Aldi is a short form of Albrecht Discount and was founded by Anna Albrecht in 1913 in Essen, Germany. Theo and Karl, her sons, further expanded the business into four stores in 1948. The company’s name was shortened to Aldi in 1962.

It has 1600 stores around 35 states and more stores globally. It can become the third-largest grocery store in the U.S this year. 

In the middle of 1960, the business was divided into two due to disagreements between the brothers. 

The fight was whether to sell cigarettes in the Aldi stores or not. 

 This resulted in division, one part was handled by Theo Albrecht in Northern Germany, and Karl Albrecht in the South dealt with another. 

One store came to be known as Aldi Nord, which sells cigarettes. Another store name is Aldi Sud which does not sell cigarettes. The first Aldi sud in the U.S was opened in 1976. 

Aldi is famous for its cheap products, which are privately labeled. 

They have a no-frill and cart rental system, and the store sells affordable and good-quality products. They maintain the saving system by various methods. 

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Facts about Aldi stores 

The Aldi stores are getting popular with their unique marketing strategies. It’s a go-to store for most grocery items at an affordable price range. If you haven’t visited the Aldi store yet or want to know a few things about the store as a regular customer, then below we have mentioned some facts about the store. 

  • Products are privately labeled 

You will not find many popular brand products at the Aldi store, and most items are under the name of the Aldi brand. However, the Aldi products are made by top U.S producers, so the quality is maintained at a low cost. 

  • Affordable rates

The grocery product rates are meager compared to other brands, and Aldi doesn’t include advertising and marketing charges with their products. Due to this, the price of items becomes significantly less. So, Aldi is your solution if you want to buy cheaper products with quality. 

  • Rental carts 

Aldi stores reduce labor costs by not hiring employees for cart management. They keep the carts in one place for the customer’s convenience. Customers can rent a cart by giving a quarter; after shopping, they return the cart and take back their quarter.

  • Carry your bags to the store 

Aldi stores don’t give shopping bags to their customers. People must bring backpacks to carry the items, and they can buy reusable bags if they want. With this approach, the store saves money by not spending on bags. 

  • Less stock, quick selection 

Aldi stores don’t have a vast stock in the aisles like the other stores, and they keep fewer items in the galleries, so the browsing of products will be easier and faster. With this approach, the customers can get their desired outcomes in less time and check out of the store, and it helps to lessen crowd gathering. 

  • Simple store design 

Almost all the Aldi stores have straightforward designs. They follow the no-frill system, and their buildings are not very big and spacious. No fancy decorations are used; the products are placed in the aisles or cardboard boxes. It’s also their strategy of cutting unnecessary costs.

  • Special buys 

Saturdays and Wednesdays are special buy days at Aldi stores. Different items can be found on the Aisle Of Shame on those days. 

You can also enjoy the Special finds deals, but they don’t last long. 

  • Less staff 

Aldi stores don’t hire many employees. Instead of assigning an employee, they used a cart rental system, a no bagger rule. They hire the most efficient and fast cashiers for a quick scan and check-out process. This approach reduces the cost of staff. 

These are a few facts about the Aldi stores. Using these clever strategies, the Aldi store is growing its business globally. It is a reliable store for purchasing day-to-day grocery products. The Aldi near me opening time is around 9 AM, and the Aldi near me closing time is between 8 to 9 PM. You can visit Aldi near me during these hours. 


Aldi store is a family-owned business started by a woman. Afterward, it was carried forward and expanded by the generations. 

As mentioned above, it is evident that they use different marketing strategies to cut costs and attract customers. 

We hope this article helped you to know more about the Aldi stores. Now, it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to visit this store or not. 

You can go to Aldi near me or the new Aldi near me to get the cheapest high-quality groceries. 

Till then, have a great day ahead. 

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